13 Jan 2016
January 13, 2016

2016 – Port Macquarie Training Camp

On the 6th of January 2016, 38 swimmers from the Gold and Silver squad accompanied by the coaches Justin, Michael and Michelle and 3 awesome managers travelled to Port Macquarie for the annual training camp.

The camp consisted of some hard swimming sessions, along with many fun and memorable activities including jet boating, X factor, team bonding games, and the movies.

One of the highlights for the girls was jet boating in the harbour in 4ft swells. There were plenty of screams, laughter and dancing that I’m sure Greg and Matt (who were on the girls boat ) couldn’t wait to get off. Unfortunately due to the big conditions the boys were unable to go in the harbour so they had to enjoy the relaxation of jet boating on the lake while drinking a cup of tea and hearing local real estate market opinions.

Xfactor was another exciting event which saw the boys dominant the girls with their hilarious parody of Leon’s undercover coach video. The girls on the other hand tried their best to recreate some funny and interesting photos that the boys had posted on social media.

A big thankyou to the team managers Meiling, Nicky and Jean for all their help on the camp especially their amazing cooking skills. They weren’t fazed by the windy and wet conditions around pool deck and were able to whip up some  excellent dinners ( including  Meiling’s famous taco salad)  which were ready as soon as the ravenous swimmers jumped out of the pool. They are also to be thanked for bringing down fresh fruit and delicious slices before and after every session to ensure nobody was left hungry.

Overall the camp was a great experience with many new memories made, not only did we have fun but the hard training definitely will help us for the upcoming State and National Championships. A big thankyou to all the coaches, managers and parents for organising such a great camp and making it run so smoothly.

by Abby Sherington

On an early Wednesday morning I rose to the sound of rain bucketing down onto my bedroom roof and to the sound of my friend, the obnoxious sounding alarm clock. As I slammed my hand down on the off button I glanced at the time, 5:00 am ‘well i guess that’s a sleep in’ I thought.

As I crawled out from underneath my warm covers and trudged to my bedroom door I almost tripped over the bag I was taking away on camp. ‘Oh, that’s right camp starts today, it’s going to be great!’

4 hours and a swim set later I was still excited as we boarded the bus. First thing I noticed was how I went from one of the oldest at the bronze/silver camp to one of the young ones that needed ‘looking after’. The bus ride up wasn’t anything special apart from Logan’s sudden need to go to the toilet or he would explode. (After that incident we had plenty of bathroom stops)

When we arrived at Port Macquarie, Big D(Dennis),Little Loges(Logan), Hazza(Harry), and I got our bags off the bus and headed up to where we were staying. We dumped our bags and went back down into the lobby to get groceries. As we entered the supermarket it was a dream come true for some of us seeing that much food in one place. So of course we had to get a bit of everything or in Logan’s case 2kg of bacon which he casually dropped into the trolley. As we finished shopping for food we noticed Big D was missing. He was located sometime later emerging from a local bookshop.

Later that afternoon as we were getting our swimming gear ready for the session, Michelle called telling us we were meant to be at the pool half an hour ago. So we all bolted out of the apartment and down the lift to see all the girls and Michelle waiting for us in the lobby laughing.

After a solid training session with too many I.Ms we were blessed by Meiling, Jean and Nicky’s cooking and tucked into a delicious curry while listening to Justin. It was then while listening to Justin talk about how good the jet boating was going to be that I realised what a great experience this already had been and there were still 3 days left.

The next day we all woke up at the crack of dawn and got a solid training session done and went back to the apartment to have a small breakfast because we didn’t want to eat much before the much hyped up jet boating. As we were walking down to where the boat was going to pick us up we saw the girls out on the boat zipping over the massive waves and speeding in to give us a fair share of the action. As we boarded the jet boat, the driver broke us the news that we couldn’t go out into the waves because it was to dangerous so we would be having a nice river cruise with tea and scones (Claire is still laughing about it).

After our river cruise we put together a massive lunch with bacon, roasted tomatoes, hash browns and mushrooms. When Michelle came in to see how we were going she saw how organised and tidy we were and laughed.

The next day after training and Michael Jacobs dry land session we went to the rest of the boys apartments to finish producing the x factor video. When we were finished we all went to the beach for a quick swim. Except Big D who was immersed in his book.

After returning to the boy’s apartments cooking some more bacon and drinking all their juice it was time to show the rest of the groups the videos. It ended up the groups had joined together and it had turned into boys vs girls(The boys were the clear winners of course).

When the team photo had been taken and the winner of the x factor had been decided we rushed back to our apartments to get ready to go to the movies. As we entered the cinema we got to our seats and then realised we had lost Big D! We frantically looked around and saw him hiding up the back reading his book while the ads were on.

When we returned home after another tiring but fun day of camp we began to pack our bags and finish the food in the kitchen. Half an hour later however, we were so tired that we all just collapsed on our beds and agreed to finish everything else tomorrow.

As we finished our final training session in Port Macquarie I looked across at our group and it seemed so much smaller than the group I saw at our first training session. This camp had given us the ability to bond as a club and show us how everyone’s contributions make this club as amazing as it is.

The bus ride home was not nearly as loud as the bus ride up as it was filled with tired swimmers, coaches and helpers. Big D fell asleep reading his book and Little Loges had a nap. Michael Jacobs even joined in sleeping and the rest of us struggled to keep our eyes open.

by Luke Hurley

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