21 Jan 2017
January 21, 2017

JPS Skills Camp 2017

On the 18th of January, fourteen of our Junior Performance Squad Athletes took part in the JPS Skills Day Camp 2017 at Narrabeen Lake.

Swimmers learned the importance of “Swimming Skills” and “Leadership Skills” both a swim session and land session on the lake. In a pool session they had the chance to work on some activation exercise in a dryland routine and became “swimming coaches” to teach and correct stroke technique for each other as they demonstrated drills and gave some feedback to each other.

After the swim session the participants got the opportunity to spend time with an Australia National Swim Team member, Emily Washer. They were able to hear all her experiences and some of her stories of the FINA World SC Championships in Canada before asking all the important questions. Remember what 3 keys of Butterfly technique she taught us?

Once again, Emily, Congratulations on your huge success to make your first National Team experience and winning a Bronze Medal at the international stage last year!
Then we were so lucky to have our TEAM CAMPTAINS join us. They were Luke Bibby, Matt Georgevits and Jessie Quinn. They led the swimmers with many “Team activities”. Despite the hottest weather, all swimmers played so hard with full force dripping with sweat.

The swimmers finally had the opportunity to kayak out the lake. It wasn’t too easy condition due to strong winds out there. Therefore at the end all of them decided to jump off the kayak and start swimming in the lake! Swimmers always love swimming after all! Sorry for Ryo (myself), they tipped over his kayak as well. Definitely good to see a Coach in water sometimes!

We’d all like to thank you Meiling, Lisa and Bindy for your efforts with breakfast and BBQ lunch on the day. And especially, a big thanks to Meiling for spending your time and a massive effort to organize everything prior to the day. Also on behalf of the JPS swimmers and parents, I’d like to thank the leaders, Luke, Matt, Jess, Emily and coach Justin for showing amazing leadership skills and being such role models for our youngsters.

I also want to thank the Club for making the camp happen and giving wonderful memories to our junior athletes to remember.


Junior Performance Skills Day Camp

Wednesday the 18th of January

It was a hot and steamy 33-degree morning for the Carlile Junior performance skills day camp as all 14 kids rocked up tired and sweaty they were still ready for a fantastic day.

We started off the day with an intense dry land session with skipping, running, burpees and plank’s that hurt a lot, even though It was hot us kids still pulled through but we didn’t know what was ahead of us.

All of us kids were so excited to start swimming because we all thought it was an easier set then normal (DON’T TELL THE COACHES!). But by the end we were so exhausted!

Later after a fun but exhausting training session we all headed off to Narrabeen lakes for breakfast and more exciting things to come. Breakfast was provided by three lovely ladies Meiling, Lisa and Bindi. Breakfast was AMAZING! Thanks to those lovely ladies!

After Breakfast Emily Washer shared her experiences of the 2016 FINA World Championships in Canada and gave us some helpful tips. Thanks to Emily Washer we now believe even more that we can achieve our dreams just like Emily.

After Emily’s talk we played some fun games like tunnel ball, water balloon fights (that got nasty quick!) and Justin got out his Cricket set, we had so much fun playing but Ryo didn’t know how to play! After that wet and fun experience, it was finally time to hit the lake in a canoe or paddle boat. When we started heading out it was so windy, we literally all got blown away!

After we all gave up on canoes we decided to swim to the shallow bank where we Dunked RYO! Boy, he wasn’t happy after that!

Then we knew it was time to get out and have the BBQ kindly provided by Meiling, yum we were so hungry! What a good way to end a fantastic day.

The Junior Performance Squad Would Like To Thank

Meiling: Thank you for everything you’ve done, to make this day the best and thank you for giving up your own time to give us this amazing experience.

Ryo: Thank you, for letting us teach you how to play cricket and thank you for making this day amazing and thank you for letting us dunk you and thank you for making Wednesday happen.

Justin: Thank you, for giving your advice and helping us becoming the swimmers we are today, and thank you for making Wednesday happen.

Matt, Jess, Emily and Luke: Thank you, for laughing and playing with us on Wednesday and thank you for being amazing role models and thank you for the water balloon fights they were AWESOME!

Lisa, Jake and Bindi: Thank you for contributing and helping with Wednesday and making the beautiful food and helping us.

Carlile: Thank you for making all our hopes and dreams come true and thank you for making the Junior Performance Skills Day Camp happen and we hope that we can do it again.

Tiffany Walsh

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