17 Jun 2014
June 17, 2014

Club Presentation Night 2014

Well congratulations to the organisers of our annual club presentation night. The theme, decorations and vibe of the evening was terrific. To all of the swimmers taking home awards including Club Champions, National representation, encouragement and Leigh Barnier award, congratulations.

It was nice to recognise the work of Dennis Gorrick and commitment to the club. Also it was a nice surprise for Meiling to receive her swimming Australia volunteer award.

Overall it was just a fun night and as you can see in the photos there are a lot of big smiles.

A big thank you again to the coaching staff who work tirelessly to provide an exceptional environment for all swimmers to achieve their personal goals. Along with Forbes and Ursula who provide so much support and guidance for both the swimmers and coaches.

And finally I must thank the Carlile Swim Club committee members for their help and support of the team.

Go Carlile!


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