New Members

New Members

There is a lot of information online about competitive swimming and the organisations involved. However, this information overload can be somewhat overwhelming and we wish to help make the transition into competitive swimming simple and stress free for our members new to the world of competitive swimming.

Communication is the key to successfully helping families become part of the excitement and success of the Narrabeen Swimming Club and this is achieved through the website, email, coach and parent verbal communication and encouragement.

Club Information

Swimming is one of the most popular sports in Australia. As well as being awesome fun, swimming is a great way to make new friends, keep fit and learn new exciting skills.

Currently there are over 75,000 registered swimming members in Australia, so be a part of Australia’s premier Olympic sport. Join Narrabeen Swimming Club to be part of a team that provides an enjoyable, safe and healthy environment to develop swimming skills and promote an active lifestyle. The sport of swimming provides participants with valuable life skills such as goal setting, discipline, teamwork, friendship and belonging. Narrabeen Swimming Club provides the opportunity for individuals who want to swim competitively to achieve their personal best!

Most younger swimmers who have progressed through Swimming learn-to-swim facilities would have been exposed to Friday Night Races or other Club or school events. These are ideal developmental swims, which reward improvement, but need no commitment to join the club. However, once a swimmer becomes a registered member of the Narrabeen Swimming Club, the competition progression would begin with interclub, Area, Metropolitan and State level racing.