Club Membership

Online registration for the 2018/19 season:

1st Time Registration Transfer Form

Club Membership Renewal for Narrabeen Carlile Swimming Club

Renewal for families can now be done on the MYLANE system. Each family may log in to pay through your primary swimmer using his/her username and password. At Narrabeen Club, we have appointed the oldest swimmer in your family as the primary swimmer.

New Members/Registration for Narrabeen Carlile Swimming Club

If you are registering for the first time, click on the 1st Time Registration button (above) which will take you to the Swimming NSW website. Complete the online registration. Your region is Metro North East. Your club is: For 12/U swimmers – Narrabeen Carlile Swimming Club. For 13/O swimmers – Carlile Swimming Team. Once completed you will receive a confirmation email from the Club. Parents are encouraged to join as non swimmers, especially if considering becoming trained as a Technical official. The club will pay for one non-swimmer per family.

  • Entries for Area and Carlile swim meets are accepted on the basis that parent/guardian assistance as requested is provided for at least one session per day
  • Where a swimmer is under 18 years a parent/guardian must sign
  • Urgent membership enquiries should be emailed in the first instance ( or phone 0413 060424

Please email to the club registrar (

  • a copy of your swimmer’s birth certificate or passport
  • Your Working with Children Check details (see here).

Annual 1st October 2018 to 30th September 2019

  • Swimmer – 1st child in family plus one parent/guardian $188
  • Swimmer – 2nd child in family $135
  • Swimmer – 3rd child or more in family $105
  • Non-swimmer $21.00

Winter 1 April 2018 – 30th September 2018

  • Swimmer – if unregistered with Swimming NSW $133
  • Swimmer – if already registered with Swimming NSW (Transfer) $50
  • Non-Swimmers $20.50
  • $67 of swimmers membership fee ($20.50 non-swimmers) is paid to SNSW as a registration fee)
  • If a swimmer is joining the club for the first time, a copy of the swimmer’s birth certificate or passport must be emailed to:
  • Your Working with Children Check details (see here).

For Carlile Swimming Team (13/O) Membership requests, click here.