15 Sep 2016
September 15, 2016

2016 Maui Channel and Waikiki Roughwater swim

Ollie Signorini is a Narrabeen Carlile Swimming club team member who recently had a trip to Hawaii where he competed in 2 events, the Maui Channel Swim and the Waikiki Roughwater swim. Amazingly Ollie won both events!

The Maui Channel swim is a timed relay race with six team members. Each team member swims for a 10-minute leg, where they rotate with their fellow team members who follow on a support boat. The total swim is 15.85km long. Ollie and his team finished in first place! Well done Ollie!

Ollie then went on to compete in the Waikiki Roughwater swim. This is roughly a 3.8km swim from one end of Waikiki beach through the surf, to the other end of the beach and then back to shore. Ollie had an outstanding swim winning the event by more than 30 seconds. Fellow Australian and Olympian Jarrod Poort finished in 2nd place behind Ollie.

Well done Ollie on two great swims!

View interview with Ollie and Jarrod Poort.