16 Feb 2016
February 16, 2016

2016 Australian Open Water Championships

A first National meet this year, 2016 Australian Open Water Championships, has been held at one of the most popular places for all water events in this country, Mooloolaba in Sunshine Coast, QLD from 12th – 14th February 2016. Carlile Club has got 21 swimmers to compete this year.

Day1, “King of Distance” in Carlile, Ollie Signorini (19) lined up for Open 10km event which was the most important race as a selection for the final Olympic qualifying race in Portugal in June. Against other top swimmers in the world, USA, CANADA, Great Britain, New Zealand and Japan, he did a tremendous job in such a rough condition. He came 11th in this event. Also specially thank to Luke Bibby, who was a great supporter to feed Ollie during the race. This time the rule has made all feeders had to get in water to feed “hand to hand”. The tallest man in the club took an advantage in the 1.4m depth of water! So Congratulation, Boys!

At a last event of the day, our youngest and bravest members, Lexi Harrison, Athena Liang and Ellen Lockhart, made huge effort in 13 year olds 5km event. The race had a heavy swell condition so that most competitors struggled with their “sight”. However, our girls finished with smiling faces! Well done girls!

Day 2 started with big boys, Ollie, Joel Aitkin, Peter Marley and Evan Stratton in Open and 17-18 year olds 5km event. As they have had more experiences than other young members, in spite of swimming in a lot of physical contacts, they all pushed themselves harder with “No Fear”. Other younger age groups had massive numbers of competitors. In a beautiful condition, very calm and warm water (26 degrees), they all made huge efforts to push through their long journeys. It was great to see some of “rookies” challenging, Tom Lockhart, Luke Hurley, Jake Walsh, Kohei Yamamoto and Cara Southerland. They had good experiences in their first National Open Water Swim. Look forward to your future!

I’d like to congratulate all swimmers on pushing their limits and making huge challenging in a “real” ocean swim. Please be proud of yourselves guys!

Also I’d like to congratulate to all top 10 finishers, Ollie Signorini (5th in 5km), Evan Stratton (8th in 5km), Nick Jennens (4th in 5km), Logan Kaye (6th in 5km) and Jemima Stratton (9th in 5km)

Lastly, a big thank to all parents for making your trip and being great team supporters. The club dinner was absolutely my highlight!!

Well done, Carlile!!
Coach Ryo

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